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In war, victory. In peace, vigilance. In death, sacrifice.
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PREMISE [Dec 2nd, 09
2:38 am
By the calendar of the Chantry, the year is 9:45 Dragon Age. Nearly fifteen years have passed since the Archdemon was slain by one of the last Grey Wardens at the capital city of Denerim, ending the Blight upon Ferelden. The ascension of Queen Anora Theirin to the throne has led to a time of peace and prosperity in the wake of tragedy and destruction; she is a fair and just ruler, and her great skills of diplomacy have led to renewed trade relations with their neighbouring countries, as well as a somewhat strained truce with the Dalish after granting them lands. Much of what was ravaged by the last horde of darkspawn has been rebuilt, some areas even improved, but there are many things that have not changed for the better.

While many humans live well, distrust and tension continue to brew between the elves and the shemlen. As of late, this conflict has boiled over in brief skirmishes between the residents of the woods and travelers who stray across their territory, while higher restrictions have been placed upon those of the Alienage to quell all the whispers of rebellion against their masters. As for the dwarves of Orzammar, while relations had vastly improved with the surface dwellers for several years since the Warden put support behind its new ruler, conditions and communications quickly crumbled when a civil war broke out after the assassination of the king. There are also rumors that Orzammar, rich in dwarven lyrium, has become a new haven for apostate magi to form their own Circle -- a rumor that the Chantry, who has no jurisdiction there, does not take pleasure in hearing. It is said that the Divine, ruling out of Orlais, is making preparations for another Exalted March against these rogues, and their grip on the Circle of Magi has never been tighter.

Though the effect of the brave choices and ultimate sacrifice made by the Warden will never be forgotten, time has passed and there is a great need for new heroes to come forth. Most of the darkspawn were driven out after the fall of the last Archdemon, Urthemiel, and back into the Deep Roads, but others still roamed about and continued to terrorize the surface. Other evils, such as demons of the Fade who leaked through the Veil, still plague the people of Thedas. Because of their success in quelling the Blight, the Grey Wardens have risen in prominence under the leadership of Warden-Commander Alistair. With the aid of the Wardens from Weisshaupt, he has dedicated his life to rebuilding the ranks within Ferelden and keeping the darkspawn at bay from their new Keep in Amaranthine, taking any and all suitable for recruitment under the Right of Conscription.

And now, they are needed more than ever. For the dreams, the twisted nightmares of tainted dragons, the corrupted Old Gods, have returned. One would have hoped more time, centuries even, had passed between them, but the next Archdemon will not wait. This is the beginning of the Sixth Blight.
"We bear a sacred burden. For an age, we have protected the lands of men. But now, a blight is upon us and we dare not falter. Regardless of race, noble or commoner. The best must take up our banner to save us all from annihilation. We are the Grey Wardens. Join us."

RULES, FAQ & DROP BOX [Dec 2nd, 09
2:37 am
THE RULES: While the game isn't exactly simple, the rules are fairly basic. Be smart. Be nice to your fellow players, don't cross the OOC/IC line or godmod. Be a strong, enthusiastic, creative writer; we are a threading/scene based community, with a focus on telling a story. Be able to help think of plots and move the group along. Be open to communicating with your fellow players and the mods; we would like to know if you need a hiatus or are having an availability issue. Please contact us with the amount of time you think you will be away. Activity checks will occur once a month, and reminders will be posted at least 5 days in advance; IC activity constitutes a reply to a thread or posting in the main community, [info]thedas, with AT LEAST ONE CHARACTER PER PLAYER. Journal activity is optional, but they aren't part of gameplay and would not be able to be read or commented upon by others. Played-bys (i.e. the person in your icons) are not required, but a visual reference is recommended. We would prefer it if played-bys fit the period setting, or at least anyone not wearing distractingly modern clothing and flashing cellphones in icons, as it tends to draw us out of the story quite a bit.

Please post all threads, scenes and narratives in the main community, [info]thedas, so we can all enjoy reading them in one place. When posting in the main community, please follow the format outlined in this post; some modifications can be made, but that is the basic header we request. All OOC activity belongs in [info]weisshaupt, and it is not required, but recommended that members join our optional [info]partybanter community for some non-canon, but still IC and completely entertaining, dialogues.

(Before writing your application, check this out for a listing of important locations and basic information on what has occurred since the end of Origins and this game's present day. Please note it contains spoilers to the game's end. Do not read if you haven't played and do not want the various quests/epilogues to be revealed to you.)
Basic Statistics Chart of Current Characters - a rundown of all the current taken characters.

Additional Dragon Age Lore - from the Collector's Edition guide, transcribed by [info]utheriel.
Collector's Edition Game Guide Lore - same as above, in single page format, adapted from PRIMA.


2:36 am
Circle Mage (M)
Denerim Commoner (W)
Fereldan Noble (W)
Orlesian Bard (R)
Templar (W)
M = Mage (3)
W = Warrior (4)
R = Rogue (5)
stricken = deceased
link = taken


TAKEN & HELD [Dec 2nd, 09
2:35 am
Comment with your premade, class (if not defined in the premade) & played-by holds below. You can hold a premade or a PB, or both at once, if you've already decided. If you are not holding a premade, but would like to create a Companion character, please state your PB, race and class, if applicable. Holds will last for up to 5 days from when the moderator responds, and an extension of 2 days if one is requested. Challenges are allowed, but applications will not be reviewed or accepted until both have been received or the holds have expired.

H indicates a hiatus, P indicates a pending application, C indicates a challenge, indicates a deceased character.

NPCs )

We are CLOSED. Thanks for being with us for a year. It was a blast.

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